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This is: Shreya – Lifecoach

This is Shreya

This is Shreya a Lifecoach i met at Railay Beach (Rai Leh Beach), Thailand in November 2022 during my remote coworking retreat that I had organized for me and two friends. The moment we met her, I knew she was someone special. Her kind smile and warm energy radiated out to everyone around her. We quickly hit it off and spent the next few days working side by side . I found myself drawn to her positive attitude and her ability to make everyone feel at ease.

One of the highlights of the trip was the Festival of Lights or also called Loi Krathong, where we, along with a group of people, gathered to release old habits, negative thoughts and make room for new and positive things and people. That night was unforgettable and Shreya was an integral part of that experience. She helped us to let go of our fears and embrace the unknown. We laughed, cried and let go of what no longer served us. It was a beautiful and powerful experience that I will never forget.

shareya lifecoach

Throughout the rest of the trip, I enjoyed hanging out with Shreya and getting to know her better. I was struck by her ability to connect with people and make them feel seen and heard. She has a unique talent for helping people tap into their own inner wisdom and strength. It’s not often that you meet someone who makes such a positive impact on your life in such a short amount of time, but that’s exactly what Shreya did for me. Through her i actually got the idea to write articles about my friends and the people i meet on the road. I left Railay Beach feeling grateful for having met her and excited to see where our friendship would go.

Her Profession

Shreya is a lifecoach who helps people live a happier and more fulfilling life. Through her coaching, she helps individuals tap into their own inner strength and wisdom to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. www.shreyalifecoach.com

One of the things that sets Shreya apart as a llifecoach is her ability to truly connect with her clients. She has a genuine interest in helping others, and it shows in the way she listens and supports her clients.

Know your worth! A Workshop by Shraeya Lifecoach

Know your worth! A Workshop by Shraeya Lifecoach

Shraeya with paint on her face - Shraeya Lifecoach

Shraeya with paint on her face - Shraeya Lifecoach

When i was hurt you asked me to "get over it" instead i got over you! - Shraeya Lifecoach - motivational quote

When i was hurt you asked me to "get over it" instead i got over you! - Shraeya Lifecoach -…

In working with Shreya as your lifecoach, clients can expect to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, as well as the tools and strategies to make positive changes in their lives. Whether it’s achieving a specific goal or simply feeling more content and fulfilled in general, Shreya’s coaching can help.

If you’re looking for a life coach who truly cares about helping you live your best life, look no further than Shreya.

In addition to her coaching services, Shreya also has an active presence on Instagram, where she shares valuable insights, tips and strategies for living a happier and more fulfilled life. Her Instagram account (@shreya.lifecoach) is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their mental and emotional well-being.

On her Instagram account, you’ll find a mix of inspiration quotes, personal anecdotes, and practical tips for achieving your goals. She also shares her own personal journey and how she has overcome her own struggles, which can be very relatable and inspiring for her followers. She also focuses on topics such as stress management, self-care, self-discovery and work-life balance.

Overall, Shreya’s Instagram account is a great complement to her coaching services, providing valuable and relatable content that can help anyone looking to improve their mental and emotional well-being. If you’re looking for inspiration and practical advice to help you live your best life, be sure to follow her on Instagram. Her coaching can help you to understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life. And if you have time check out her podcast: Everything has Changed, where she discusses various instristing topics with young professionals like Arzoo Malhotra talking about the role of mental health in the comedy bussines. Experience her yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

"Conversations are seeds of change!" |

The Interview with Shreya the lifecoach

What advice would you give yourself if you met yourself in your 20s?
Breathe, it gets better. I have no advice for you, I will hold you. You’re doing so well and all this water that you are treading will get you exactly where you are meant to be. Your pain is valid. Your journey is rough. People are a wonderful resource, but you are going to be your own savior. Everything beautiful you’ve seen this world is a reflection of you. Thank you for all the redirection, open conversations That you have had. I wouldn’t be here today without you. You are perfect just as you are. You are loved even when it doesn’t feel like it. I love you. If you can accept yourself today you are going to love who you become.

How do you prioritize self-care and maintain good mental health and physical health?
I live in Preet self-care. By accepting myself, I also started to accept my energy levels, needs and limits. Once I accept it, I can create the right environment for it. My mornings are slow and intentional. I have a two hour routine, including the journaling, workout, shower, breakfast and meditation. This grounds me for the whole day. When I don’t feel well, I take the day to recuperate never blaming myself. Also, as someone navigating ADHD I understand I can only structure so much in my life, the rest flows and this is where the greatest ideas of created. I keep the promises I make to myself, and that’s helped me trust myself more. I respect the life I carry in me. It took me a while to realize that I am valuable and I must treat myself as such ice cream and dips and the sea also makes me happy.

How do you define success in work and personal life?
The idea of success is constantly evolving. I wrote an article about this on my last birthday when I was measuring my age against traditional milestones. Success personally is creating a life that I can look back at from my deathbed and be proud about. Success professionally is some thing I am still learning about. My work has rewarded me in all aspects of life but one- financial. What my work can generate is a qualifier for me to take more risks and put more original ideas in the world. It allows me to give from my overflow. Hence right now the mark for success is financial.

How do you stay motivated and continue to learn and grow in your career?
This job is my Ikigai. Meaning it lies in the cross section of 4 criteria – what the world needs, what I love to do, what I’m good at and what I can get paid for. When I began coaching every single cell in my in my fell into place, and all aspects of my personality became strengths. Even though it has had tough moments, I’ve never thought of quitting . I challenge myself to learn and do better. It feels like psychology. The education is an ongoing process throughout ones career. With every case that comes to me, I unlock a new subject that I want to study deeper. This is what lead me to study trauma, psychosomatic illnesses, art therapy in addition to my education in psychology and relationship coaching.

How do you hope to make a positive impact in your field or community?
I want to create safe spaces that are easy for people to access. This can be through a coaching session, group therapy, supper clubs where you have deep conversations with strangers or my recently released ‘Mental Health Retreat X Girls Trip’. Sometimes just holding space for someone can be just what they need to heal. Stephanie held that space for me while I was processing a difficult situation in Thailand. I’m grateful to her for it.

Shraeya Lifecoach - music & drumms

Shraeya Lifecoach - music & drumms

Three Sentences - "I belive you" "You did nothing wrong" "This was not your fault" Three sentences that can turn a victim into a survivor - Shraeya Lifecoach

Three Sentences - "I belive you" "You did nothing wrong" "This was not your fault" Three sentences that can turn…

journaling and good nutrition - Shraeya Lifecoach

journaling and good nutrition - Shraeya Lifecoach

To forgive you must first feel safe to allow what hurt you to flow away - Shraeya Lifecoach - motivational quote

To forgive you must first feel safe to allow what hurt you to flow away - Shraeya Lifecoach - motivational…

shraeya walking shraeya lifecoach

shraeya walking shraeya lifecoach

Let the wild run free - Shraeya Lifecoach -  painting workshop

Let the wild run free - Shraeya Lifecoach - painting workshop

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